There's more to a 3,000+ degree welding torch than simply putting ends of metal together to make a sturdy structure or beautiful piece of art. For the local North Texas business owner of Lt. Dan Metal Works, the torch is a healing IV drip.
After a few tours to the Middle East, Danny, like many veterans in our country, is forever a changed man. The hoby Danny started in his garage to help him heal from his physical and mental wounds of war morphed into the successful small business Lt. Dan Metal Works is today.
From wine racks and business card holders to reindeers and pumpkins, Danny uses his endless creativity to transform scrap metal and old horseshoes into just about any design he or his clients can think of. The torch feels as natural to Danny as Thor with his hammer.
Lt. Dan Metal Works put the welding trade into a category of its own. Although Danny takes pride completeing typical weldeding projects, he has welded more unusual projects like fully functional mini-smokers for a local cancer fundraiser.
On a good day, Danny wakes up, heads to his shop, and starts his first pot of coffee. He makes his rounds,  turns on his equipment and raises the garage door. Standing in the entrance, he closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and pictures himself welding every edge and corner of metal to perfection.
On a bad day, the coffee starts a little later, and the projects need more inspiration to be completed. Though Danny and his family fight every day to overcome his visible and hidden scars from the time he spent overseas, they refuse to allow them to stand in the way of their progress.
When the days are good, Danny is able to accomplish exactly what he intends to, if not more. And ahead of schedule. When the days are bad, the entire family comes together to heal and support him until everything is back on track.
Welding has been the saving grace on a long road to recovery. Although his highest rank was Staff Sergeant, Danny and his family face the same trials and tribulations as ‘Lieutenant Dan’, in the well-known film ‘Forrest Gump’. Lt. Dan Metal Works symbolizes the battles that many veterans face when they return home.
With his fellow soldiers in mind, Danny and his family plan to steer their small business down a more unconventional path. With the help from and loyalty of North Texans, Lt. Dan Metal Works will eventually become a charitable organization that supports the rehabilitation and therapy services veterans in DFW need.
Whether you're looking for a trendy new wine rack, a custom table, or a unique cross to add to your wall, Lt. Dan Metal Works will do a great job. No matter how big or how small.

-D-Town Daily 11/14/2017

While we move our shop from the DFW Metroplex to North East Texas
We will be back soon, check our FB page for updates